Making you a website from scratch

Completed projects


Teachground - CMS for teachers, or a blogg for me

This is a Content Managing System for teachers which includes a lot of extra features like a Autogenerate questions based on an article,
and a shop where you can buy a theme-maker, voice-commands and even a quest.

Hyr & Bygg

Hyr & Bygg

For this site i have...

HD32 - HairDesign

HD32 - HairDesign

I have redesigned their website and added their facebook feed to it.

Projects in process..

Hyr & Bygg AB

Updated Hyr & Bygg AB

I am updating Hyr & Bygg:s website with responsive design, and a lot of functional tools like liftrecommendations and price-calculator.

Themes to choose from

Kornettgårdens Maskinsevice AB

Kornettgårdens Maskinservice AB

On this theme I have chosen a metalic and lifting look.