Making you a website from scratch

Fun Stuff

3D Cube

Portfolio made with a 3D cube

This site is a portfolio for my youtube channel. To turn the cube around, press on the arrow keys.

Builder Bounce Attack - Game

Builder Bounce Attack

I also make games sometimes. This is a result of a tutorial by MyBringBack with my touch of creativity.
Use your arrow keys to move left and right.

Particles with light

Lightning particles

This is just a test of HTML5 Canvas.
To see the lights, write the number of lights you want and press add.

A Flaming F

Flaming F

A long time ago a friend of mine created a spraying "F" with boring 8-bit spray.
It's purpose was to link this "F" to people who were graded with an "F" (which means FAIL).
Now I made a rivalising and more powerful "F". Click to show the result. (try using Chrome)
Link this link "" to people with bad result on their examinations.